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Manage your project procurement with our all-in-one service

We help businesses simplify project delivery by acting as a single point of management for sourcing and procuring supplies for construction, fit out and operation.

We offer a comprehensive, end-to-end solution. We can source and procure every material requirement for your project, from construction material to specialist equipment, and chemicals to consumables.

Supply experts for the South Pacific

Delivering projects in Papua New Guinea, and other South Pacific Islands, can sometimes bring the unexpected. Project outcomes, budgets and timeframes can be all-too-easily affected by goods that are delayed, incorrect or poor in quality.

We know and understand business in the South Pacific. We’re familiar with the infrastructure, the environment, the culture and the conditions. We’ve invested time in sourcing global suppliers that offer reliable, high-quality goods to the region. Our unique combination of knowledge, experience and customer service reduces the risks to project delivery, ensuring that priority scheduling or budget requirements are met.

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The convenience of stock on hand

Our remote site boxes are a portable store of items, tailored to your project needs. We keep these boxes conveniently stocked with relevant items and consumables, so you can access it as you would a hardware store. The boxes are set up remotely then transported to your worksite. Our automated system records stock levels, allowing us to regularly replenish supplies.

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Smart services tailored to your project needs

Our services are flexible and fully tailored to individual projects and clients. We can consult on a project at any stage, even early in planning and design. Depending on your needs, we can help scope the project requirements and source the goods needed. We can also coordinate and monitor the logistics, so that your goods arrive as planned.

Our commitment to customer service sets us apart. We offer a free initial consultation and quote, with no obligation. We’re focused on the needs of our clients and happy to turn our hand to any problem, regardless of how challenging.

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Our supply and procurement service can help your project budget, scheduling and risk management.