Our Partners

Working together is better for everyone

Doing business in developing parts of the world can be challenging. We’ve worked over many years to build relationships with the best suppliers. We now hold expert knowledge of what resources can be supplied to the region, as well as how and when they can be delivered. Most importantly, we know who can be trusted to supply and deliver to specification.

The best products and range from the biggest suppliers

Many of our customers are surprised to learn about the extensive range of products that are not available off-the-shelf. In fact, approximately 40% of the products we source are not readily available through standard channels.

We work with some of Australia’s biggest suppliers. We’re proud to have an exclusive supply partner relationship with Bunnings that allows full access to their range.

delivery trucks on a high way with the sun setting
worker wearing high vis in front of shelves at a warehouse

We’ve built relationships with top suppliers

Leaders in their field, quality assured and offering an extensive inventory, Remote Global offer the best products and materials to the South Pacific Islands.

worker in high vis towing boxes in a warehouse
top view of a cargo ship in the ocean

Paving the way for new suppliers to the region

When we all work to our strengths, it’s amazing what can be achieved. We’re dedicated to helping businesses, and the communities that depend on them, thrive in the South Pacific Islands.

We welcome new relationships with quality suppliers looking to increase their impact in the South Pacific Islands. Our team is always on the lookout for suppliers that can offer an advantage to businesses in the region. We’ll share information about your product with our network of clients and help match the best supply option to each situation.

If you’re interested in supplying products or materials to the South Pacific Islands

Let’s talk about how we could work together.